Garlic. A place to start.

2 weeks ago we got our first planting done.

Garlic. It’s an obvious choice for so many reasons. So the Biodynamic calendar said “yes” and we popped in 400. 11-17BCDEF

The bed was prepared thus;

4 week “solarised” under heavy plastic dam liner off cuts/waste.

Heavy decompaction by Troy in an excavator.

Rotary hoe. The entire plot (192 metres sq.) was done in a few hours. $125 hire charge. Could have done 2 or three times the area.

Organic Highland cattle poop. About a cubic metre. Soaked for a week in rain water. Spread.

50 kg of washed Seagrass.

Lift topping of mushroom mulch/mushroom compost. 2 cubic metres spread over the 35 meters sq. 

Rested for a week, planted and topped with Lucerne. 


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