Green Mulch.

So we’ve turned the soil in all the beds. We don’t plan to plant it all straight away so we’ve commuted 3 fifths to a green cover crop. 

Lupin. Oats. Peas. Beans.

These were just scattered over the soil. No extra compost. No extra anything. And light sprinkle of Lucerne.

This bed is at the north end of the 32×6 metre plot.

We had a lot of bird action here and must have lost a fair fraction. We had no scare crow of any other passive bird repellant. That might be worth looking at later. You can see in the photo another very green patch which we will write about a little later. (Much more growth in that section.)

The plan is to run our little troop of chicken up and down these plots in a “chicken tractor”. They will completely clear each 1×2 metre area and we will plant after each chicken tractor move.


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