Substrate #2; Mushroom Compost.

In order to add nutrient to our soil we also sourced some spent mushroom compost.

This was locally sourced, in fact it was sourced from the nearest possible supplier. I like to support local people and businesses and also to waste less resources on cartage. However I have a doubt about this “organic” mushroom compost, I am suspicious about whether or not there is residual pesticide Etc

In general Mushroom compost is a good  source of most nutrients but low on nitrogen. It also has a tendency to be alkaline which can be a bother for certain plants. Our supplier didn’t really seem to know what pH was. We haven’t tested it. We’re going with it for now.

Our plan will be to focus on our own compost production, chickens and green mulch etc.

For now this humus rich black stuff arrived with a heavy smell and a lot of steam. Mmmmmm. Activity. 


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