A Simple Plan

The Ample Sufficiency Paddock is a rectangle approximately 32 metres by 6 metres.

So we’ve drawn a simple grid that we will use to illustrate out plot.

It’s not quite lined up with north. We live in the Southern Hemisphere so our sun comes from the north.

Our cold winter winds come from the south to south west.

Our damaging hot summer winds come from the north to northwest. These are the winds that bring a fire risk.

Each metre square can be identified on the grid. Each colour represents either plants or perhaps substrates.

This grid example shows the first planting done.

The A line is a 32 x 1 metre perennial border. The orange spots are the perennial plants. The orange spots within a black ring around them are already planted.

The green lines represent green mulch planted from seed.

The purple lines represent garlic planted from cloves.

Hopefully this will help a little with planning and illustration of the works done.

So for example E-16 has been planted with Garlic in March 2016.

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