Fire and ash

It’s finally winter and we can once again safely light a fire.

I keep fires to a minimum but some stuff will almost never break down. So I’ve been sorting and resorting the huge piles of earth and sticks and stumps. These all came from the clearance of the weed trees, the management of windfall trees, the building of the dam wall. Etc etc

My plan is to try to have a fire almost every Friday through the winter. Me being me I am double or treble dipping! First; we clean and tidy. Second; we make the site safer if we do get a fire through. Third; we make ash which will fed to the trees and plants. Fourth; We cook Friday’s dinner in the fire. Fifth; this can be nicely social at the end of the day and on our first fire of the winter we had a wee party with 6 adults and six kids. 

Worked great. Probably another 10 fires over the winter. We are only allowed to burn on Friday or Saturday by the council. And we have to call the fire authorities and register the burn too. Nothing is simple.


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