Jess is guiding us through the biodynamics side of what we are doing. This is pretty exciting and I am an eager learner. It’s a bit more esoteric than I am used to but the more Te I spend thinking I know it all the less time I spend learning new stuff.

So it was preparation 500 time. There’sa specific  way to mix it which we stick to. We mixed a prep up for nearly an hour. (That really didn’t seem too long when we did it.) It seemed to change to something a little more viscous and off we went.

I was in a bad mood when we started and a great mood when we finished. That’s a pretty good start. 


Let’s start with a pretty picture.

Here’s our first Chromatogram.

It’s from under the Paddock. 

At 31D on the grid.

And what does it mean; well according to some of the worlds best you are pretty good at assessing these after 7000, so, 6996 to go!

But we have reasonable structure, reasonable mineral content, reasonable organic content and ok enzyme content.

I say reasonable but they are all below where we are aiming. The big thing we are missing is biological activity in the soil.

More analysis later and more explanation of what we hope to do to address that.

We had a great day today preparing and sharing a bit of Preparation 500. That was the exciting part of today but it made sense to start with the Chromatogram and then explain where we went from there.



Grown from appropriate seed and planning to allow a few crops to go to seed.

Broad beans; both the Crimson Flowered and the Dwarf Coles.

Celery; seedlings by Jess from seed and planted today.


Red Mustard


Nice Sunrays!