Weed tea.

Plots 1-12 ABCDEF (but mostly A) had a soaking with some stinky weed tea. 

The chickens are nearly finished on this big plot. It will come around for planting after the 21-24 BCDEF plots I prepared today.

21-24 BCDEF

21-24 BCDEF was prepared for planting today.

This was a green mulch plot which had a small covering of mushroom mulch thrown over it when we cast the seeds.

The green mulch started to flower and I was covered with black pool liner and left.

There were at least two mouse type thing sightings.

The cover was pulled. About 1 cubic metre of mushroom mulch was added. The entire plot was lightly turned with a mattock. Then I dug it into rows oriented north south.

The north south orientation shall hopefully decrease the amount of traffic that has been crossing the “Perennial Row” (1-32 A).

I’ve left a lot of the knocked over green mulch stalks and fibres in the soil. I hope we can plant through this. I’ve also tried a different method with the “walkways”. I’ve filled the trenches with mixed leaf/branch mulch. It’s a ‘waste’ product of the electrical line clearance that happened here a few weeks ago. I’m a little concerned about the fungi in the mulch. The planks are from my lovely neighbours Sofie and Richard. They were lying out behind a shed & they let me have them.