Cider & Pickles

Growing stuff is one thing.

Preserving it is another.

Two jars of Dougs Daikon Radish Pickle. (Chilli, tumeric, mustard seeds and nasturtium flowers.)

Almost all the daikon fell over in a bit of wind so they were opportunistically harvested. We did keep one big plant though as these are seeds from Langlets and are a possible seed source for next year.

Maybe next time I’ll try the legendary “Takuan” style Tsukemono. The flowers and tumeric should give me the distinctive yellow look. At least this time I remembered to make a second jar. (If it’s good I’ll give it to Jess and Troy. If it’s not so good I’ll pretend it never happened!)

One big jar of soon to be cider and shortly thereafter cider vinegar.

Watermelon Radish Simple Pickle.


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