After the Garlic.

Garlic out.

Weeds out.

Wooden raised paths out.

Earth levelled and fluffed.

Cover crop seeds sewn. (We have left over winter cover crop and we mixed it with buckwheat.)

Black cover for 2 days. (Hopefully to decrease loss to birds and the heat seems to have encouraged sprouting.)

Cover off. Which is shown above.

I’ve made a bigger trench for the irrigation pipes. I’ll cover this with a generous amount of wood chips.

Wood chips seem to be the easiest and most economical path solution.

The chips are available from stockpiles in the sports ground across the road. All my trees that get close to the powerlines are chipped by the power line people and they dump it in the reserve even though I ask them to dump it in my property.

The whole organisational of the Plot will be set of a new grid defined by the irrigation points.

More on that later.

Irrigation Festival 

Having figured out the irrigation system for the main garden I have finally put one in for the original Veggie garden AKA Doms Garden.

I’ve wanted to do this for years but Dom prefers hand watering. But we have to be away for a while this year and I had all the stuff so….. let’s get trenching!

25-26 ABCDEF

Irrigation frustration. New system. Potentially brilliant. Pain in the bum so far. 

We wanted to build a gravity fed system from the dam.

Everyone advised against it and I could see why. Mostly the lack of fall in height from dam to where we needed it.

We went for an efficient type of sprinkler system. It works great BUT…

The set up somehow upset the 240v pump that moves the dam water.

That was a whole day of fiddling! Then I couldn’t reprogram it!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! But a little video tutorial action and we are off and running.