One of the lessons of the year is about disposition. 

Put simply production of the fresh food is only half the battle. Maybe less than half!

I have only one plan for so called “Pickling Cucumbers” and that’s pickling them.

That’s it. Just plan A. No plan B.

Next year I will still have pickles and Plan A will be totally useless. 

It’s fun though. Having to think of other ways to use and preserve. 

Carrots & Beetroot


We planted 5 rows of Beta vulgaris and 5 rows of Cosmic purple carrots.

All from the Seed Collection in Upper Ferntree Gully.

On the GRID this is 31 B & C but there is bad news about the grid!

The grid was paced out and each pace was closer to a yard than a metre.

When I put in the irrigation it was set to a metric grid. So the old grid is in yards and we have an irrigation zone set to metres. I’ll have to update the system. The new grid will be 30 x 6 metres. It is worth redrawing it methinks because the watering sprinklers can be set to water almost exactly along any angle between 90 & 270 degrees and as such it makes sense to have the east west paths between the sprinkler heads as the lines to set the beds against.



After only a couple of days of not picking the fruits and were overloaded.

The courgettes are the biggest offender.

I’ve already used over 3kg in breads today & I would estimate there over 10kg ready to go!

Tomatoes finally started to ripen.

I’ve turned off the sprinklers for the tomatoes a week ago and that may have helped. Many locals are struggling with tomatoes. Dominique had kids in her plot which is only 120metres away.

Ho hum.