Carrots & Beetroot


We planted 5 rows of Beta vulgaris and 5 rows of Cosmic purple carrots.

All from the Seed Collection in Upper Ferntree Gully.

On the GRID this is 31 B & C but there is bad news about the grid!

The grid was paced out and each pace was closer to a yard than a metre.

When I put in the irrigation it was set to a metric grid. So the old grid is in yards and we have an irrigation zone set to metres. I’ll have to update the system. The new grid will be 30 x 6 metres. It is worth redrawing it methinks because the watering sprinklers can be set to water almost exactly along any angle between 90 & 270 degrees and as such it makes sense to have the east west paths between the sprinkler heads as the lines to set the beds against.


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