New Plan; Yards and Metres.

The Ample Sufficiency Paddock started as a rectangle approximately 32 metres by 6 metres.

So we’ve drew a simple grid that we will use to illustrate out plot. The grid looked like this;


That was a year ago. The original post is here;

Things have changed a little. Unfortunately I will have to change the plan too.

When we put in the irrigation I noted that the longer axis was inaccurate. My strides are just short of a metre. The original Patch was 30 metres by 6 metres. Thus the original grid was closed to Yards than Metres.

The irrigation is set out on a 6×6 metre grid because thats the recommended distance between the individual sprinkler points.

So I should set the entire thing out again. This will mean that the older grid references will be slightly wrong. I am sure we can cope.

So the original grid was 30 metres by 6 metres. So 5 separate 6 metres by 6 metres squares. We then added a new plat of 6x6metres at the south end.


So now we have a 36 metre by 6 metre plot.

Each 6×6 metres square has a highly flexible sprinkler at each corner. The watering system works in Zones which will be superimposed on the planning and design of the plot. There are 4 zones. Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

Seen as it has to change I have also decided to set the grid out starting at the south end rather than the north end. Thats because the point at which the two families meet is always at the South end of the plot.

The following drawing shows the new design and hopefully this will not require any tinkering for years to come.


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