Garlic. Year two. Month two.

Second round of garlic planting.

We already have two large rows (1-6 DEF) planted of the garlic harvested from earlier in 2017.

Today we uncovered the area known as 1-6 ABC. We had used shade cloth single layer. This had allowed the water through but grass and “Romulia” had grown a bit.

We pulled that up. Burned the grass back. And planted in a super dense pattern.

The south half of Plot 1-6 B-C has 9-10 across. All Australian Purple. Bought.

The north half has 7-8 across. All harvested 2017 crop.

We started into the next row along 1-6 A-B. This was unfinished today. It has about 50 cloves of the Australian Purle to the south.

There’s a gap in the middle. Then there is  a new species from a friend in Rye called Featival. Known for storing well.

That now fills 5-6 A-B.

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