Beans upon Beans. 8-10F.

Jess says we are really gardening now.

We had great success with everything last year. This year we are finding a few little issues. So for example BEANS. Here in 8-10F we have planted beans. Poor growth. We have inter-sewn some new beans.

It could be poor seeds but we don’t think so. We will have to keep an eye on this patch. We will rotate as soon as this crop is done.


Beyond the Plot; School Garden Swap-Shop Idea.

We are trying to get the school garden going. It’s going well. We hope to move things forward to the point where the garden really acts as a community garden based in the school. The Blog post below just starts introducing that idea. It is potentially very much a part of our ability to feed ourselves. If a swapping node exists at the school next door we can benefit from swapping what we might have in excess for anything else that may be shared by our  extended community.


It may not be the most exciting thing but…… emails are important. The Somers School Garden communications strategy (if you can call it such a thing) is based on making info freely available via: This website; Instagram; @SomersSchoolGarden Twitter; @SomSchooGarden Actual human face to face meet ups! This means the WORKING BEE (once a […]

via e-mail lists and us and you — Somers School Garden

Beyond the Plot.

Jess and I both put a bit of effort into the local school garden and I write all the stuff on the blog, twitter, instagram etc

So every now and again we will re-blog some of the details of what we are doing over there.

I don’t think of them as seperate things. I hope to develop the School Garden into a sort of Community Garden where it can be a meeting point for people involved in growing healthy food locally.

Here is a post for next weekends Working Bee. That’s where Jess and I will be.


Working Bee at the Somers School Garden NEXT SUNDAY 13.8.17 09:00 to 13:00 THERE WILL BE TEA

via Working Bee THIS Weekend. 13.8.17 — Somers School Garden

Spuds. 28-36EF. Brady v Lynch


So we were given a load of spuds and we got them in today.

We filled the north west corner of the plot for the second time. That area will need a rest after this.

Jess and I had two different methods for planting because she knew what she was doing and I wasn’t paying attention. Thus it is now a Brady V Lynch Spud-off! See below for the demarcation line, aka “the 32nd parallel”.