Garlic e-scape

Good and unexpected news; the Australian Purple Garlic seems very keep to produce “shapes” which is very timely given that our supplies from last year have finally runout. These little guys are a bit of a delicacy for some folks. We shall be seeing how much of our garlic addiction can be satisfied by these little guys.

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Late September Planning

Life happens. Balls are dropped. By our standards we have had a very interrupted winter in the garden. But thats over. Spring is here. Lets get things sorted.


We are out of space and we need to clear some crops that have been allowed to go to seed; Daikon Radish, Rats Tail Radish, Chrysanthenum, Rocket, Mustard Leaf,

Cut down all green mulch and dig it in over the next few weeks. Plan to put zucchinis and pumpkins in 30-36 A/B. They didn’t do well around the dam last year BUT until we have a watering system there it probably won’t work.

Build Tomato support structures. At inter-irrigation lines 30 and 36. (Planting in 4-6 weeks.)

Move the chickens to up near Q. Smash down whats left in the chicken area.

Cover the Brassicas. Clear the are just beside these newly covered brassicas.

File 24-9-17, 11 25 52 am