Organic Garlic. Want some?

Garlic. We have Garlic. It’s very early. It’s very tasty. It is very strong. That’s the way we like it.

If you are interested in some early season fresh organic garlic grown in Somers then get in touch. Contact Doug Lynch 0403989373 or Jess Brady 0413054636 (Instagram @growingbythemoon)

This is what it looks like a few days after picking.


The smaller bulbs are around 50 grams and the bigger ones 100 plus grams. The ones shown here are pretty typical. The fat purple individual cloves are visible.

We have a glorious and fortuitous surplus. You could say that we have ample garlic. Last year we gave most of our surplus away as Christmas presents but this year we are going to feed it into a local co-operative. I know I had run out of my stores and I had to buy a few bulbs from Benton Rise or elsewhere.

Our Australian Purple crop has jumped up and declared itself. We are very happy to get such a crop early. We had deliberately planted a little early within the moon-planting calendar in the hope that this might happen. We use a moon planting schedule for everything if we can. The plot is entirely organic. The garlic were treated with lovingly prepared biodynamic preparations. The cloves are big. The bulbs are fragmented.

I have braided/plaited some of it. We plan to snip off the roots, clean of the soil when it is dry. Cut it into bulbs and make it available by the kilo to our friends and their friends. When it is all ready to go I shall get some close-up photographs up here.

We won’t make any profit but if we can cover some of the costs of the raw materials (pea straw, BD preparations etc) then it would really help out with the ongoing project to feed our families the healthiest food we can grow. Our main hope is that

Hopefully, lots of very nice food will be made from this crop in homes around the peninsula.




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