Part of a community.

So we have been trying to help create a community around the gardens and produce of Somers. This is in many ways a pragmatic rather than idealistic approach. After all we could spend all our time becoming totally self sufficient or we could swap and share with our neighbours.

To this end Jess and I are trying to reach out and be helpful in the locals schools and trying to create a self-sustaining sustainability-focused community that eats really really nice stuff!

One of the things we have been doing in Somers is trying to create a Produce Stall/Bartering Hub at the local primary school.

The stall is on again tomorrow so I though I would share the messages I send to about 20 families around Somers to gather produce, effort and good will. Here is last years flyer and then an email I sent out today.

Flyer Stall

Hello Hello Hello

Re; 3A produce stall MONDAY 19.3.18 (tomorrow). 08:30 – 09:45 outside assembly.
It is Sunday 18.3.18. There is water falling from the sky. Apparently this is called “rain”. (I asked google.)
Tomorrow we will start a new project with 3A (Mrs Pilgrim’s class). We will run the Produce stall with maths and accounting help from the kids of 3A. It is an imaginative supplement to Mrs Pilgrim’s and Miss Shemmell’s classes. 3A will hand over the keys to the money box later this year.
This will be a more chaotic, more educational and more fun Produce Stall. Lots of the 3A kids are bringing some produce from home but we want to ask you for your support. 
You have been among the greatest supporters of the Produce Stall last year and we want to say thanks. 
This year we have fine tuned the system a little bit.
We start at 08:30, the 3A kids join us at 08:45.
We will run it this Monday 19.3.18 and Next Monday 26.3.18. We will run it every Monday in Terms 2 and 3 (except the first and last weeks of term).
If you, or anyone you know, have any spare fresh garden produce, eggs, flowers, plants or seedlings please consider sending it along.
All the produce will be sold by the kids and the money ploughed straight back into the school.
Any left over produce will be donated to school projects; plants to the individual classes garden beds, flowers usually to the hard working folks in the office (unless it is someones birthday) and produce usually goes to one of the Healthy Eating Projects. (e.g. Free Fruit Tuesday or a healthy cooking project.)
If you have excess produce please bring it along or send it with your kids.
If you don’t have anything to donate please come along and buy something from the kids.
If you know someone that may be interested in donating (neighbour, relative or friends) then please tell us about them and we will include them in our communication.
Please spread the word about the stall and the garden. We believe that word of mouth is by far the best way to get people involved. Even if you are not a gardener, even if you have no time to help in the garden.

Dry as a bone.

We ran out of water. We slowed down everything. The dam was empty. We decided to wait for rain. It didn’t come. A number of crops suffered or failed. We learned a lot.

The dam wasn’t full to start with. It has never overflowed. Simple conclusions; need more water and need to use water better. A lot of time and effort has been put into this and the plot suffered a bit more.

Such is life.


New Starts

Time passes. Life happens. The garden grows.

There is so much to write about. I’ll just get started.

It is time to plant garlic again. We have been prepping one of the large 6 metre by 6 metre beds for garlic. Today we finished it off with an early meet up at 7am at the plot. It is hot today.


Our compost building is not producing enough just yet so we invested in a load of mushroom compost and off we go.IMG_2777

This is 31-36 A-F.

We worked in the summer green manure. We broke it all up. We top dressed with mushroom manure and covered it in donated hay.