25-26 ABCDEF

Irrigation frustration. New system. Potentially brilliant. Pain in the bum so far. 

We wanted to build a gravity fed system from the dam.

Everyone advised against it and I could see why. Mostly the lack of fall in height from dam to where we needed it.

We went for an efficient type of sprinkler system. It works great BUT…

The set up somehow upset the 240v pump that moves the dam water.

That was a whole day of fiddling! Then I couldn’t reprogram it!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! But a little video tutorial action and we are off and running.

Substrate #1; Seagrass.

We started to gather some stuff to help improve the soil.

That meant a lot of early morning walks on the beach. Carrying back 15-20kg a day of washed up seaweed/seagrass in my old heavy duty rucksack. You’d think gardening was all about walking on the beach. Rufus seemed pretty keen on the whole growing veggies things. We gathered a few hundred kilos and started to wash it to lower the salt contents.