Sourdough. Who wants to try it?

We made a load of sourdough bread for the Somers Arts Fair. It was the first thing to sell out. Folks were very interested and complimentary.

The best thing is that people were keen to try.

You can make your own leaven for sourdough. It is not that hard BUT if you have never done it befire you may end up looking it to a jar of weird smelling stuff and going

“Is that right? That can’t be right.”

I have a beautiful leaven that has its roots in Latvia. It has lived in Australia for decades. It has nearly died. It has been frozen and re-animated. It has been shared and it has been loved.

If you want to try Sourdough baking, and I highly recommend it, you are very welcome to have some of my sourdough starter or leaven.

Contact Doug Lynch 0403989373


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